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I have been extremely busy lately but have arrived at a short break, so I thought I would release my frustration about the current lies that are being “catapulted” by the Shrubbery. [Molly called him Shrub, but she went to high school with him for a time, so she was entitled to the familiarity.]

When they talk about a surge of 21,500 troops they forgot to include the support units, which the Congressional Budget Office estimates could more than double the actual number of people involved, and the cost of the operation.

The White House says [my paraphrase] that the extra troops won’t need food, water, ammunition, fuel, medical services, pay, housing, or any of the other “frills” that are lavished on troops in the field.

I read somewhere that a wingnut thought “beverage, powdered, coffee” was a designer drink. I’ve heard the olive drab packets called a lot of things, but I don’t remember “designer” being used by anyone making it in a canteen cup. We also made coffee by putting ground coffee from “the world” in a sock and steeping in boiling water – caffeine and “clean” socks, an unbeatable combination.

There may be basis for their attitude because four years later the Pentagon is still unable to supply the troops. There are continuing shortages for the troops already deployed, so the members of the “surge” can’t expect to receive much of anything.

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February 3, 2007   4 Comments