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Friday Cat Blogging

Tummy Rubs

Friday Cat Blogging

Come on. Do it neowww!

[Editor: Sox is apt to flop down anywhere, if he wants his stomach scratched.]

Friday Ark


1 Modulator { 02.16.07 at 2:13 am }

Friday Ark #126…

We’ll post links to sites that have Friday (plus or minus a few days) photos of their chosen animals (photoshops at our discretion and humans only in supporting roles). Watch the Exception category for rocks, beer, coffee cups, and….? Do link to the…

2 Steve Bates { 02.16.07 at 8:26 am }

Cats are delightfully shameless in demanding the physical pleasures of life that they know they are due. Sox thinks you should put that silver box down and attend to him.

3 Mustang Bobby { 02.16.07 at 11:57 am }

The angle of the picture makes it look like Sox is suspended against a wall — the amazing floating cat!

Skitz, Bob’s cat to whom I was staffed over Christmas, is a total slut when it comes to belly and ear massages. Snowball, on the other hand, seems indifferent to them.

4 Bryan { 02.16.07 at 12:21 pm }

Sox is a real klutz regarding retracting his claws and I had spent about 10 minutes freeing him from my shirt, the chair, and the carpet during his demands for attention. He has a really bad habit of doing this flopping when walking in front of me.

On the other hand, his coat is the silkiest of all my housemates and I would much prefer rubbing his tummy on the floor than to have him attempt to jump in my lap.

You’re right about the picture, Bobby. It may the the 45° angle or the background, but the picture does look odd. Sox floating would indeed be amazing, like a lead balloon. Unfortunately there’s no good way of slimming him down because it’s muscle mass, not fat. Neither the vet nor I can figure out how he developed muscles since he doesn’t seem to do much – maybe he has a gym membership I don’t know about.

Snowball is spending too much time watching videos to be concerned with scratches.

5 jamsodonnell { 02.16.07 at 1:30 pm }

Now that is one expression known by cats the world over. Stroke me now, human worm, you know you want to… well that’s what I think my four are trying to tell me

6 Bryan { 02.16.07 at 3:58 pm }

Jams, I don’t think that Bebe is saying that in her current picture, if this this weren’t a family oriented “opinion magazine” I might say it looks a lot more like “Sod off, you daft old bugger!”

7 jillian { 02.17.07 at 5:29 pm }

There’s plenty of tummy to rub.

8 Bryan { 02.17.07 at 7:34 pm }

If he were nicer to his sister he wouldn’t have to depend on me. He gets excited and forgets to withdraw his claws completely, which usually ends up with Dot taking him to “school”.

9 oldwhitelady { 02.18.07 at 7:31 am }

That’s one handsome cat! He looks like a masked bandit. I think I’ll call him Zorro:)How many tummy rubs does Zorro get a day?

10 Bryan { 02.18.07 at 12:11 pm }

As many as he wants because he will catch a claw in your sleeve and pull your hand down, OWL.