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In Perspective

Over at Candide’s Notebooks Ohio Dave and Pierre have a conversation, What Is a Blog? An Exchange, which is interesting in both form and content.

At some point every blogger looks at their inner reason for writing, and it is an individual reason. There is no one-size-fits-all, [or even -most], when it comes to blogging. Blogs disappear for personal reasons, at the point at which they no longer satisfy the inner reason.

If getting a job with a political campaign is not part of your reason, being offered such a job creates a problem. Accepting a political job requires that you abandon your personal voice for the voice of the campaign. If you were hired because of your personal voice, the campaign kills what they value.

There should be a way of supporting voices on the left, as the voices on the right are supported. The funding requires a cut-out that allows for deniability, because unless the voices are truly independent they will not ring true.


1 Karen { 02.18.07 at 8:13 am }

I have to agree that blogging begins and stays a *personal thang* – but does grow through some of the conversations and exchanges over time with others (like YOU), yet the inspiration and motivation to keep using that blog voice remains in its owner. I have no aspirations to either get into the real political realm (owning to my extremely opinionated views and snarky blog voice!) also not to become some A-List blogger responding to thousands of readers daily (sounds exhausting really!). But for those that Do that, and have those inspirations and motivations – the more power to them!

2 Bryan { 02.18.07 at 12:02 pm }

It’s one thing to grow into it, but something altogether different when it is forced upon you by an outside source. Melissa shouldn’t have had to change anything because she was in the background at the Edward’s blog providing technical support. Who expects their mechanic to agree with them, or even their employees, when it comes to politics, that’s unAmerican.