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2008 May 02 — Why Now?
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The Sixty Days of Insanity Are Over

The Associated Press has a wrap-up of the Florida legislative session. The Republicans used cleavers instead of scalpels to cut $5 billion in spending from the budget, a third of a billion dollars lopped off the education budget. The only state workers who will see a pay increase are the Florida Troopers, everyone else who still has a job will have to make do another year without a raise. Oh, they cut their piddling part-time salaries by 5%, BFD.

May 2, 2008   3 Comments

What Hath Wright Wrought?

“In every age the common interpretation of the world of things is by some scheme of unchallenged and unsuspected presuppositions; and the mind of every individual, however little he may think himself in sympathy with his contemporaries, is not an insulated compartment, but more like a pool in a continuous medium — the circumambient atmosphere of his time and place.”

F. M. Cornford Foreword of Thucydides Mythistoricus

The Reverend Doctor Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. [BA, MA – Howard University, MA – University of Chicago Divinity School, Doctor of Ministry – United Theological Seminar] was born just before World War II and I was born just after, so we have shared a lot of American history, we have moved through very similar circumambient atmospheres. I can understand him in a way people from younger generations cannot.

[

May 2, 2008   24 Comments

Just Because

Don’t miss Catnapping’s latest graphic/verse entry: Mayday, Mayday!.

May 2, 2008   2 Comments

Friday Cat Blogging

End of a Lifestyle

Friday Cat Blogging

I wonder what tutored means?

[Editor: The next time he appears, Excise will be a “retired gentleman cat”.]

Friday Ark

May 2, 2008   10 Comments