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2008 May 27 — Why Now?
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Plumbing in Space!

[That requires “a voice”, like James Earl Jones, and an orchestral fanfare.]

I’d hate to see the mileage charge on this job: Space station struggles with balky toilet.

It is amazing how much we take gravity for granted, and how much help it is around the house. You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone [which is from a song, I think].

There’s something about having a vacuum cleaner for a toilet, that bothers me.

May 27, 2008   25 Comments

Shaking Continues

The BBC reports on the continuing aftershocks and damage: Aftershocks demolish China homes

Two further aftershocks have destroyed more than 420,000 houses in the Chinese region hit by a massive earthquake two weeks ago, state-run media say.

Many of the homes appear to have been empty, but six people are said to have been critically injured in the tremors.

They came came as thousands of people were moved from near a lake formed by landslides, amid fears the water could breach banks and deluge the area.

The official death toll from the 12 May quake in Sichuan province is 67,183.

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