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2008 May 24 — Why Now?
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Anger Management II

I really can’t advise people to click on any of the links I’m providing because they go to instances of insanity for the most part. What I had always assumed were informed, intelligent people have completely and totally lost their minds.

The least of the offenses is committed by my favorite Middle Eastern expert, Dr. Juan Cole, in his post, Clinton Touches off National PTSD. Dr. Cole recognizes that people went around the bend, but at the end brings up the picture of Obama in tribal clothing as an example of a Clinton dirty trick‽

The individual who is the source for the claim about the Clinton involvement is Matt Drudge, one of the few people on the planet with less reliability than Ahmed Chalabi. When you have people like Dr. Cole giving credence to statements on the Drudge Report, the world is definitely out of kilter.

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May 24, 2008   33 Comments