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2008 May 21 — Why Now?
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Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory

The Democratic leadership would be out of step in a one-man parade: Mixup negates House override of farm bill veto

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House overwhelmingly rejected President Bush’s veto of a $290 billion farm bill Wednesday, but what was to have been a stinging defeat for the president became an embarrassing episode for Democrats.

Only hours before the House’s 316-108 vote, Bush had vetoed the five-year measure, saying it was too expensive and gave too much money to wealthy farmers when farm incomes are high. The Senate then was expected to follow suit quickly.

Action stalled, however, after the discovery that Congress had omitted a 34-page section of the bill when lawmakers sent the massive measure to the White House. That means Bush vetoed a different bill from the one Congress passed, leaving leaders scrambling to figure out whether it could become law.

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May 21, 2008   9 Comments

What Century Is It?

With all of the other problems associated with a dodgy election and the tribal turmoil that followed, the BBC reports that Kenyans burn alive 11 ‘witches’

Eleven women accused of being witches have been burned to death by a mob in the west of Kenya, police say.

A security operation has been launched to hunt down villagers suspected of killing the women in Kisii District.

The area has witnessed similar attacks in the past when people suspected of engaging in witchcraft have been killed or ostracised.

Where do they think they are, Massachusetts?

I’m sure the security people will be just as diligent as those officers investigating “honor” killings in Iraq and India. It makes you wonder why we bother with relief agencies when too much of the world think it is perfectly rational and right to kill others over mythology.

May 21, 2008   4 Comments

Unfortunately, They Have a Point

The Associated Press reports that Myanmar Turns Away U.S. Cyclone Aid

(AP) Myanmar shunned a U.S. proposal for naval ships to deliver aid to cyclone victims on Wednesday, according to state-run media, dimming hopes that the vessels could provide a major boost to relief efforts.

The New Light of Myanmar, a mouthpiece for Myanmar’s ruling junta, said that such assistance “comes with strings attached” that are “not acceptable to the people of Myanmar.” It cited fears that Washington wants to overthrow the country’s government and seize its oil.

The actions of the Hedgemony make US assistance toxic in much of the world. The invasion of Iraq lends credence to what would have once been viewed as sheer paranoia. Nations that never would have considered nuclear weapons are now thinking about them to protect themselves from the US.

We are no longer the solution – we have become the problem.

May 21, 2008   16 Comments