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Dynamic Duos


Lower Manhattanite at Group News Blog has some fun in Television For Dummies riffing off of a mistake made at Fox News.

The graphic above is a stamp issued by the “Republik of Abkhazia” celebrating the fall of the Soviet Union. Unfortunately Georgia and Russia are not in agreement over the status of Abkhazia, to the point of deploying troops.

Update: If you are interested, Elayne actually has some of these stamps.


1 Elayne Riggs { 05.07.08 at 7:27 pm }

I have a bunch of those Abkhazian stamps, if anyone wants one. They’re even more impressive on the actual paper. I used to sell them to raise money for my Firesign Theatre newsletters, since Firesign also used the Groucho & John duo (“All Hail Marx & Lennon!”) on the cover of one of their album.

2 Bryan { 05.07.08 at 8:10 pm }

Nice to know, Elayne. I’ll update the post when I get a chance to mention that.