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Will It Never End?

CBS notes that The Coleman/Franken Show Drags On.

Today it is playing in the Minnesota Supreme Court where lawyers for Coleman want the court to count votes that have been ruled invalid because they might be votes for him, even though they didn’t want them counted when he was ahead and the Franken and local officials agreed that the votes were not valid.

If the court rules that Coleman has lost the election and should just go away, then the Repub governor, Pawlenty, has to decide whether he is going to do his job and certify the election is over, or stall until Coleman tries to convince the US Supreme Court to listen to his complaints that he lost the election.

Of course, Pawlenty could be saved if another bridge fails or his dog eats the decision, but that isn’t really likely.


1 hipparchia { 06.01.09 at 7:16 pm }

i can see why gore didn’t push harder for a recount in 2000, but gosh darn it, i sure wish he had. a few extra months of president clinton and all the associated hand-wringing while waiting for bush to go away wouldn’t have been nearly as bad as what we got in the ensuing 8 years.

hipparchia´s last blog post..[for reference]

2 Bryan { 06.01.09 at 8:10 pm }

It wouldn’t have gone on this long, but now you can see why no one wants to do it again.

Actually I think there should be a duel when it is really close. Then we’d find out who really wants the job.