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2009 June 12 — Why Now?
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The Theater Continues In Asia

The CBC reports that the UN Security Council toughens sanctions against North Korea:

The United Nations Security Council unanimously passed a resolution Friday that imposes new sanctions on North Korea for its recent missile tests and an underground test of a nuclear device.

The resolution urges countries to reduce financial ties with North Korea, and extends a ban on exports of tanks, artillery and other large arms that represent a significant source of revenue for that country.

All 192 UN member nations are also authorized to inspect cargo vessels at sea or airports if they believe the contents may be used to advance Pyongyang’s nuclear or ballistic programs.

We can probably expect another nuclear test from North Korea in reaction, which is good in a way, as they have a limited supply of weapons-grade material and everything they use in testing is unavailable for an actual weapon.

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Iranian Election

The BBC has an update on the Iranian election.

The Iranian government officials who work for Ahmadinejad say that he is the sure winner, but the BBC reporter on the scene says they are reporting the rural districts, which favor him in the early returns, not the urban centers that favor the opposition.

The turn out was much heavier than expected [70-75%] and the polling hours were extended to handle the crowds. Both sides claim victory, and both claim fraud – a standard election.

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Friday Cat Blogging

Me and My Shadow

Friday Cat Blogging

I can’t be evil.

[Editor: Blaze would want you to believe that just because he can tolerate sunlight and casts a shadow, he can’t be evil. It just proves he’s not a vampire. He’s not in Ted’s class, but he’s working in it.]

Friday Ark

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