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2009 June 01 — Why Now?
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The Virus Is Spreading

The CBC reports that the Governor General accepts 3 resignations from Order of Canada

Gov. Gen. Michaëlle Jean has formally accepted the resignations of three Montrealers from the Order of Canada, her office said in a brief news release Monday from Ottawa.

No reasons were given for the three — René Racine, Jacqueline Richard and Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte — returning the awards.

However, Turcotte, 72, who is Montreal’s archbishop, told CBC’s French-language service last September that he was renouncing his honour to protest Dr. Henry Morgentaler’s appointment to the order.

“I’m worried about how we treat life, from conception to death,” he said. “I decided to take a stance that clearly reflects my convictions.”

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Who Knew So Many Were Seers?

All over people have been saying that if Dr. Tiller were killed by a Muslim, the crime would have been called terrorism from the beginning –

From CNN we learn that a Suspect arrested in Arkansas recruiting center shooting

(CNN) — An Arkansas man was arrested Monday in connection with a shooting at a Little Rock military recruiting center that killed one soldier and wounded another, authorities said.

Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad — a 24-year-old Little Rock resident formerly known as Carlos Bledsoe — faces a first-degree murder charge and 15 counts of engaging in a terrorist act, Little Rock Police Chief Stuart Thomas said. The terrorist counts stem from the shots fired at an occupied building.

While authorities continued to investigate a motive, Thomas said Muhammad is a Muslim convert and, based on preliminary interviews with him, investigators believe there were “political and religious motives” in the shooting.

It’s amazing how that works.

Note that I believe that both are terrorist acts, even if the military was the target in the Arkansas shooting.

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Billy Bowlegs Festival

Jolly Rogers

In order to generate “local excitement” [sell stuff] the chamber of commerce is once again annoying people with the Billy Bowlegs Festival. This year the unavoidable part runs from Friday, June 5th and finishes up on Monday with a really annoying parade that screws up traffic and sends a lot of noisy people through my neighborhood.

Almost at bad as the Monday traffic jam are the Friday fireworks. I know a lot of people enjoy fireworks, but they probably have not seen what loud noises and flashes of light can do to people and aircraft – I am definitely not a fan.

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A Matter Of Time

Almost of these screams about the various threats to the world by this or that group seem to include the phase: “It’s just a matter of time.”

The Islamo-fascists are going to kill us all in out beds if we don’t nuke them and their goats! It’s just a matter of time.

The Iranians are going to wipe out Israel in a thermo-nuclear weapon they don’t actually have! It’s just a matter of time.

The North Koreans are going to launch a massive attack of atomic-tipped ICBMs that they don’t actually have against Topeka, Kansas! It’s just a matter of time.

There’s some truth in the argument. After all, a million years ago visitors from another planet would never have guessed that the descendants of Homo erectus would one day imperil the planet with global climate change, and general messy habits. It was just a matter of time.

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You Must Have Papers

In another move to be really annoying by the Hedgemony, from today you need special documents to enter the US from Canada

Under WHTI — the U.S.-legislated Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative — anyone from the Western Hemisphere entering the United States must produce a document that contains photo identification and proof of citizenship.

Compliant documents include a passport, a NEXUS card, a FAST card, an enhanced driver’s licence, or a Secure Certificate of Indian Status.

If you’re 15 or younger, you’ll only need proof of Canadian citizenship. Accepted documents are an original or photocopy of a birth certificate or a citizenship card. If you’re 18 or younger and travelling with a school or other organized group — under adult supervision and with parental consent — you can also get through with just proof of citizenship.

Before the legislation was passed, a birth certificate or photo ID was usually enough.

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Will It Never End?

CBS notes that The Coleman/Franken Show Drags On.

Today it is playing in the Minnesota Supreme Court where lawyers for Coleman want the court to count votes that have been ruled invalid because they might be votes for him, even though they didn’t want them counted when he was ahead and the Franken and local officials agreed that the votes were not valid.

If the court rules that Coleman has lost the election and should just go away, then the Repub governor, Pawlenty, has to decide whether he is going to do his job and certify the election is over, or stall until Coleman tries to convince the US Supreme Court to listen to his complaints that he lost the election.

Of course, Pawlenty could be saved if another bridge fails or his dog eats the decision, but that isn’t really likely.

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Airliner Lost In Atlantic

The ABC reports on a probable lost airliner: ‘Hope lost’ for missing Air France jet

Air France officials say they have “lost hope” for one of its passenger planes which has gone missing over the Atlantic Ocean with 228 people on board.

Air traffic control lost contact with flight AF447 shortly after it took off from Rio de Janeiro’s international airport in Brazil.

The flight went missing after suffering an electrics failure while flying through a fierce Atlantic storm, the airline said.

Air France chief executive Pierre-Henri Gourgeon says about four hours after takeoff, the plane sent an automatic signal indicating electrical problems had occurred.

“The Brazilian authorities have launched a search but the place where it went missing is very far from the coast,” he said.

“After it went through storms, automatic messages were sent out by the plane indicating that there was a fault.”

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June First

June 1st:

The official start of the hurricane season, which was unofficially started by Tropical Depression 1.

1495 – Friar John Cor records the first known batch of scotch whisky.
1660 – Mary Dyer is hanged in Boston, Massachusetts, for defying a law banning Quakers from the colony. She is considered by some to be the last religious martyr in what would become the United States.
1890 – The United States Census Bureau begins using Herman Hollerith’s tabulating machine to count census returns.
1967 – The Beatles album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is released.
1980 – The Cable News Network (CNN) begins broadcasting.

1563 – Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury, English statesman and spymaster (d. 1612)
1780 – Carl von Clausewitz, Prussian general (d. 1831)
1804 – Mikhail Glinka, Russian composer (d. 1857)

For some reason I didn’t make the list.

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