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2009 June 04 — Why Now?
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He Didn’t Get The Memo

Republican message discipline is breaking down: Senator criticizes Florida’s privatization initiatives

TALLAHASSEE — The state’s decision to consider a no-bid contract extension for a controversial human-resources company has renewed criticism from a leading state senator who says privatization initiatives have cost taxpayers $200 million with little to show for the money.

Senate budget chairman J.D. Alexander persuaded fellow lawmakers during the spring legislative session to increase scrutiny of large state contracts — only to see Gov. Charlie Crist veto the proposal last week.

As attorney general, Crist in 2006 persuaded a court to seal a whistle-blower complaint by a former Convergys employee. A judge criticized Crist as an unjustified “interloper” in the case. And the former employee filed an ethics complaint, alleging Crist became involved because his top fundraiser, Brian Ballard, is a Convergys lobbyist.

Both denied wrongdoing and the ex-employee’s complaints were dismissed.

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Helping Their Friends

Howard Troxler of the St. Petersburg Times writes on one of the many travesties that have come out of this latest session of the clown college legislature: Crist signs growth bill, sells Florida down the river

So if you live in a “dense urban area” in Florida — which this law brilliantly defines as more than ONE PERSON PER ACRE …

If you live in any of Florida’s biggest counties, including Hillsborough and Pinellas, or in one of more than 200 Florida cities …

If you live anywhere that your local government labels as a “community redevelopment area” …

Or even if you have the misfortune of living where somebody wants to build a “job creation project” …

Then tough noogies for you.

The main thing is roads. Developers no longer have to make sure that our roads can handle the growth they are bringing.

Once again developers are exempt from the cost of the infrastructure needed to support their projects, and can continue to destroy the state with over-building. Developers don’t have to factor in the cost of roads, water, sewer treatment, or any other public service, they can just build, take their profits, and leave. The taxpayers are stuck with the bills.

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French Airliner Update

The BBC reports on the arrival of Brazilian naval vessels in the area: Air France jet debris recovered.

There is an extended oil slick from the aircraft’s fuel which argues against and explosion or fire, but the field of the slick and debris indicates that the aircraft broke up in the air, rather than crashing.

The structure of modern aircraft are designed to take levels of turbulence that can injure passengers in the body, even if they are strapped into their seats, so it is very rare for it to destroy an airframe. Consider that the Hurricane Hunter aircraft of the Air Force and NOAA regularly fly through hurricanes, including Category 5 monsters, and they are much older than this Airbus.

That said, I lost two of my best friends in the military to clear air turbulence over the Bering Sea. The RC-135 [military version of the Boeing 707] was shaken apart forty years ago in May.

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