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A Day Of Mourning

The ABC reports a call for a Day of mourning amid Iran crackdown

Iran’s opposition candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi has called for a national day of mourning as crackdowns on reformists and his supporters intensify, with dozens more detained in Tehran and outside the capital.

Mr Mousavi has urged supporters to stage peaceful protests or gather in mosques to mourn those killed after a disputed presidential poll set off Iran’s worst unrest since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

“In the course of the past days and as a consequence of illegal and violent encounters with [people protesting] against the outcome of the presidential election, a number of our countrymen were wounded or martyred,” Mr Mousavi said.

“I ask the people to express their solidarity with the families… by coming together in mosques or taking part in peaceful demonstrations.”

Mr Mousavi says he will take part in the day of mourning, planned for Thursday (local time).

The Revolutionary Guards, the elite force set up in the wake of the 1979 revolution to defend the Islamic republic from “internal and external” threats, has issued a warning to Iran’s online media.

The Revolutionary Guards says it has identified websites run by companies it charged were backed by the United States and British secret services.

The protesters have switched to silence during their marches, denying the authorities the ability to ramp up the hostilities based on demonstration rhetoric, and making the sporadic gunfire from the Basij more noticeable.

The IRG is desperately attempting to find a way to the label the protesters as anti-revolutionary and to invoke the “Great Satan”, but they don’t seem to be able to gain traction. The absence of official statements of the type normally broadcast by the Hedgemony, has forced them to involke “secret services” to explain the lack of any obvious indication of foreign involvement.