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Going Nuts II

I noted the pistachio problem back at the end of March, but [via Cookie Jill in comments] UPI notes FDA issues another pistachio warning.

You want to avoid California Prime Produce- or Orange County Orchards-brand pistachios distributed to retail locations in airports and hotels nationwide in clear 6-ounce flexible plastic Ziploc bags, with “Sell By Dates” of “7/30/09” and “8/30/09.”

What has happened is that, knowingly or unknowingly, a distributor has repackaged some of the pistachios that were recalled and sold them.


1 cookie jill { 06.23.09 at 11:21 pm }

I’m going with knowingly.

2 Bryan { 06.23.09 at 11:45 pm }

With all of the publicity about the recall, anyone dealing in pistachios should have been very careful about sourcing the product.