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Hell Froze Over

Del Stone Jr. runs the editorial page at the Local Puppy Trainer which is merely hard core libertarian on its good days. This is easily the most evangelical Republican county in the state, and yet he wrote this: Down with ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’.

When the editorial page of the Northwest Florida Daily News comes out against a policy, that policy has clearly been shown to be box of rocks stupid. Folks, your iPhone doesn’t work in Okaloosa County. We are an unpaved path well off the “information highway”. People still rent VHS tapes of movies here. By the time realization hits this county, the rest of the world has forgotten what the problem was.

Somebody tell the President that the editorial page of the NWFDN has his back, and he really can dump the stupidity.


1 Comrade Kevin { 07.01.09 at 4:29 pm }

It’s not the people I fear, it’s the ones they elect to “represent their interests”.
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2 Bryan { 07.01.09 at 5:34 pm }

Ah, yes, the Congresscritters and their faux moral rectitude. They are some of the most corrupt people on the planet, masquerading as saints.

Some retired Army colonel wrote a letter in response proclaiming how bad it would be if they allowed it. Given his recitation of his service, he wasn’t aware of it, but at least 5% of the people he served with were gay. I was in for 8 of those years and I know that to be a fact. That was during the draft and the door to the closet was firmly closed, so they served.