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2009 August 08 — Why Now?
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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back In BC Fires

FireThe CBC reports: Massive B.C. wildfire pushed by rising winds

Cooler temperatures were welcomed Saturday by crews battling the Terrace Mountain wildfire in the B.C. Interior, but rising winds have breathed new life into the massive blaze.

As a result, 2,150 Kelowna residents are under an evacuation order, with 2,526 on evacuation alert, according to Kelowna emergency operations centre spokesman Bruce Smith.

Earlier Saturday, a fire information officer had predicted that rising winds would likely cause trouble.

“The winds are up, so we could see some flare-ups on the interior of the fire,” Mitch Miller told CBC News.

More than 400 firefighters are still fighting the blaze, which encompasses about 85 square kilometres of Okanagan forest.

They get a fire line established and then the winds kick up and the fire leaps them. The terrain reduces the effectiveness of backfires that were successful in the Mount McLean fire. The winter snow is the only sure solution for the province.

The BC Fire Map shows there on now four active fires on Vancouver Island alone.

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Without Comment

funny pictures of cats with captions

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What Is A Liberal?

There is a basic fallacy abroad that liberals are all the same, and it just isn’t true. American liberals are notably different than Europeans of the same political label based on different histories and a different view of economics.

If you want to study American liberalism the course work is not onerous. Read the works of John Locke, Charles de Secondat (Baron de Montesquieu), Jean Jacques Rousseau, David Hume, and Adam Smith. Those were the people who were read by the men pushed the Revolutionary War and founded the United States.

That prepares you to understand the American branch as expressed in the works of Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and James Madison.

The core of the American branch is found in two passages that should be familiar to everyone who has graduated from high school:

[

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The Weekend Whacko Wrap-up

McClatchy: Health care debate degenerates into brawls, death threats

Joe Galloway: What this country needs is an outburst of common sense

Suburban Alaskan demonstrates the danger of not wearing hats in the winter: cranial frostbite

Just a reminder – THERE IS NO BILL!!! OK, GOT IT?

I haven’t the slightest idea what people are attacking or defending, because there is no single bill that is identified as THE BILL. There are a half dozen or more competing plans coming out of various committees in the House and Senate. Until the Congresscritters decide on a bill, no one, NO ONE, knows what they are talking about.

Update: I almost forgot to mention – the “912” that you may see mentioned is Glenn Beck’s version of the Sturmabteilung [SA], that he aims at his chosen “targets”. He should be held personally responsible for what they do, because he sends them on their “missions”.

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