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2009 August 05 — Why Now?
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Good Idea?

Jack, the Grumpy Forester, has an interesting concept for dealing with a problem as annoying as mosquito bites. It just needs to clear possible copyright problems, and deal with the concerns about making this situation worse.

On balance, I think the benefits outweigh the possible costs.

August 5, 2009   4 Comments

BC Fire Status Report

FireSome good news for Lilooet. The fire crews took advantage of favorable conditions on Tuesday to light backfires and clear the fuel away between the Mount McLean fire and the town which has created a large fire break. The fire is still classified as uncontained.

The Terrace Mountain fire was 90% contained until high winds blew it beyond a fire break, threatening local communities, so the battle continues as they wait for improving weather conditions.

The BC Fire Map shows more new fires caused by lightning strikes in the tinder-dry forests.

August 5, 2009   2 Comments

Jekyll Amendment

Since we already have to deal with the Hyde Amendment in the health care debate, I want a Jekyll Amendment that prohibits any Federal moneys being spent on treatment for “erectile dysfunction”.

I’m sick of having to delete the spam from the jerks who are selling it, or the stupid ads that my Mother complains about. I doubt the condition actually exists outside of the minds of a pharmaceutical marketing department, and the pathetic hopes of some losers.

[BTW, Hyde was the crazy one. 😈 ]

August 5, 2009   18 Comments