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2009 August 25 — Why Now?
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The Lost Day

I have spent most of my day dealing with a neighbor’s kitchen sink.

Being one of my neighbors means the individual is a rightwing Republican Christian, but there is a mitigating factor, they like cats, including feral cats.

Because I work at home I obviously can be disturbed at any time, for any reason, because that is not really working, like being a greeter at WalMart. So I am inured to being interrupted at all hours, no matter what I may be doing, by people for all sorts of weird reasons. I am also the only person in the neighborhood who owns tools, so rather than buying a tool to do something, they will unsuccessfully attempt to borrow one. [I don’t loan tools to anyone who doesn’t have their own tools.]

So I go to their place to see about a leak from the kitchen sink. It was my amateur opinion [I am not a plumber, nor do I play one at political events] that the 1″ by 3″ hole in the drain trap was probably the cause for all of the water under the sink, as when you put a teaspoon of water in the sink, that’s where it came out.

I told them to call their landlord, because they needed to replace the trap. As “trap” was deemed to be a technical term, I was asked to call the landlord, which I did. I know the landlord, and was informed that his regular plumber was out of town for a week, and asked if I would take care of it.

So I spent my day going to a hardware store, buying parts, and installing them. If the existing parts had been installed recently, say during the Reagan era, this would have been 15 minutes under the sink. The existing parts were installed during Harry Truman’s second term, and you have to move carefully to avoid breaking anything, so it was two hours I’ll never get back.

What I don’t understand is how these Republicans think they can be self-sufficient when they can’t even change a P-trap under a sink? If they “go Galt” they’ll be back as soon as they run out of toilet paper.

August 25, 2009   8 Comments