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2011 June 02 — Why Now?
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No Surprise

Gulf Gusher symbolEveryone who actually cared about the health of the Gulf of Mexico has known this from the beginning and wasn’t fooled by BP’s or the government’s propaganda.

The Sarasota Herald Tribune asks: Did BP’s oil-dissolving chemical make the spill worse?

The combination of oil and Corexit, the chemical BP used to dissolve the slick, is more toxic to tiny plants and animals than the oil in most cases, according to preliminary research by several Florida scientists. And the chemicals may not have broken down the oil as well as expected.

Scientists reported some of their early findings last week at a Florida Institute of Oceanography conference at the University of Central Florida. The researchers were funded a year ago through a $10 million BP grant.

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June 2, 2011   2 Comments

Weiner-gate Solved

It has been difficult to avoid the flood of media effluent that surrounded an alleged posting on Twitter of an inappropriate picture by Congresscritter Tony Weiner (D-NY9).

This is another Breitbart fraud, and given the long string of frauds perpetrated by Breitbart, the media should be roundly condemned for even bringing it up. How many lies does this guy have to tell before “news” organizations stop repeating them?

Joe Cannon at Cannonfire with the able assistance of one of his readers, Milowent, shows how it was done. It doesn’t even require hacking, just the name of someone’s Yfrog photo account. You e-mail a picture to that account, and Yfrog automatically generates the “Tweet” using the Twitter account of the owner.

In an update, Joe Cannon notes that Yfrog as turned off the e-mail feature.

The only one showing any class in this mess is the young woman to whom the “tweet” was sent: Gennette Nicole Cordova quotes Oscar Wilde: “The public have an insatiable curiosity to know everything. Except what is worth knowing.”

She is a journalism major, who may want to rethink that, based on the way the “professionals” have reacted.

June 2, 2011   5 Comments