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2011 June 24 — Why Now?
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Quick Hits

Dr. Jeff Masters has a long post exploring the possibility of 2010 – 2011: Earth’s most extreme weather since 1816?

This isn’t good – the cable box and DVR use more electricity than a new 21 cubic foot refrigerator.

I had to order a modem over the ‘Net because none of the local stores carry a modem that works with the local DSL system. Understand, they have DSL modems, but none of them work with the local system. Apparently the inventory decisions are made elsewhere, with no attempt to review applicability in the local market.

June 24, 2011   13 Comments

Friday Cat Blogging

What Are You Doing?

Friday Cat Blogging

Why did you stop?

[Editor: Tip wonders what I’m up to as I stopped to take her picture instead of continuing to the second feeding station where she prefers to eat, away from the Underhouse clan.]

Friday Ark

June 24, 2011   11 Comments