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2011 June 05 — Why Now?
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Would You Believe “Beansprouts”?

Update: “Nevermind”. The Germans really are out to destroy European agriculture by identifying sources before the testing is done. People are going to be on bread and water before this is over.

The BBC reports on the latest suspect in the German E. coli outbreak: German beansprouts ‘probable’ cause

Beansprouts grown in northern Germany are suspected to be the source of an E. coli outbreak that has left 22 people dead, local officials say.

The agriculture minister for Lower Saxony, Gert Lindemann, said there was a clear trail of evidence pointing to a plant nursery south of Hamburg.

The nursery has been closed, though officials say the outbreak’s source cannot yet be definitively confirmed.

Germans are being advised to stop eating the beansprouts.

The BBC’s Stephen Evans in Berlin says the announcement may cause embarrassment to German authorities, who had earlier pointed to Spanish farms as the source of the outbreak.

Well, I always knew beansprouts were evil, so I wouldn’t be surprised, but it demonstrates how nasty this form of E. coli is, because a salad isn’t exactly overwhelmed by the number of bean sprouts that are added. This was from a local nursery, not even a farm, which explains why everything was so concentrated. It is unlikely that it produced enough to sell beyond Hamburg.

I think it would be time for the owners to consider a shift to solar power generation, as they are unlikely to remain viable in food production.

June 5, 2011   2 Comments