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Zero vs ‘the Tubes’

A number of people have been posting about the absurdity of the White House attempting to save money by eliminating web sites, like FiddlinForesters.gov [already gone] and DesertTortoise.gov.

I would like to point out that most people are wildly overestimating the potential savings of these actions by assuming those sites are paying commercial rates for domain registration. The registrar for the .gov Top Level Domain is the General Services Administration, not GoDaddy or Network Solutions. You have to be in the Federal government to register a site as .gov, .fed.us, and some others. The cost is the time to fill out the paperwork, and the storage and bandwidth charge on the .gov root server. The hosting costs for a .gov website are the costs of storage and bandwidth use, which in the case of the now gone FiddlinForesters.gov probably didn’t make it to a dollar in the 5+ years of its existence.

Bottom line – Zero and his faithful companion, Slow Joe, are literally nickel and dime-ing in this misdirected effort.

Oh, yes, given that the Department of Defense has been a major cause of the near extinction of the Mojave Desert Tortoise, the web site might be part of a court settlement with environmental groups over the matter, so I wouldn’t be too quick to pull the plug. It is a joint site of the DoD and the Fish and Wildlife Service with links to various groups concerned with the well-being of the tortoise.

Wasn’t Zero supposed to be technology aware?


1 Kryten42 { 06.14.11 at 9:56 pm }

LOL Yeah… I read about this with some (OK, much) amusement! 😆

Ahhh… what can be said? Stupidity and ignorance are rampant, and starts at the top. 😆

“Since we can’t actually DO anything, we have to be *seen* to be doing something!”

2 Bryan { 06.14.11 at 10:29 pm }

How about a proposed Constitutional amendment to reduce the number of Senators to 1 per state, that would save a lot of money, but no, let’s attack Forest Service employees for finding new ways to spread the word on conservation.

Kryten, the site, based on descriptions of those who saw it before it was pulled, was a single page description with some contact information, and they got attacked as government waste!?

3 Kryten42 { 06.14.11 at 10:39 pm }

Oh… as well as stupidity and blind ignorance, I am sure Zero and his Gov did it as a political favor to their masters. 🙂 One less *potential* (and minuscule) thorn removed. Anything that has even a hint of anti-corporation sentiment must be obliterated (and anything relating to environment or conservation are high on that list). But… everyone knows that, right?

Obama is nothing if not an ass-kisser, with a large lips!

4 Bryan { 06.14.11 at 11:20 pm }

He has to be nice to his corporate overlords, because his fund-raising trip to Miami doesn’t look like it covered the cost. He couldn’t get 900 people to show up in little Haiti to listen to him for $44/ticket. It probably has a lot to do with the way he has screwed them over after promising the moon. It isn’t that he hasn’t delivered on his promises, it’s that he has made their lives worse. It’s one thing to not get what you wanted, but they have lost things they had under the Shrubbery.

He is in trouble because the financial types think they are owed everything that they have gotten, and don’t intend to pay for it. He has destroyed the system that provided him with huge amounts of cash the last time, so he has done it to himself. He hasn’t figured out that the country is not like Chicago, where all you need is the label, because people always turn out for the Party.