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2011 October 09 — Why Now?
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Some People Get It

Digby excerpted a New York Times editorial showing that the Occupy Wall Street message is penetrating the media shield against reality.

Ellroon grabbed the meat of Krugman’s Op-Ed on the protests, Confronting the Malefactors: “The protesters’ indictment of Wall Street as a destructive force, economically and politically, is completely right.”

Mustang Bobby has the Alan Grayson smackdown on the ignorance on Bill Maher’s show.

You will note that PJ O’Routke keeps referring bongos and may wonder what that is all about. The short version would be that O’Rourke was a real, genuine DFH who ignored the warning about the ‘brown acid’ and went over to the Dark Side.

Apparently he is confusing Alan Grayson with Alan Greenspan. It’s is understandable, really. They spell their first names the same way; their last names begin with a ‘G’ and contain a color; they were both born in NYC; they are both Jewish, and they both have Summa Cum Laude Bachelor’s degrees in economics.

Greenspan is the one who played saxophone in Woody Herman’s jazz band and is in the correct age group to have been a beatnik, who stereotypically played bongos. They were a feature of the 1950s.

Alas, Alan Grayson was too busy working his way through Harvard as a janitor and nightwatchman to get involved in the counter-culture, which would have been ?Disco?, as he is a good deal younger than Mr. O’Rourke.

Charlie Grapski tells us that the cons are attempting to kick off violence in the protests: American Spectator Editor Admits to Being Agent Provocateur at D.C. Museum.

It is to be hoped that the Park Police arrest and prosecute this moron, as, in addition to his confession, there are pictures of him.

October 9, 2011   4 Comments