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2011 October 12 — Why Now?
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More Bad Terrorism Theater

This latest production that features, Iran, the Mexican drug cartels, the Saudis, and an ex-con Iranian-American car dealer is even more absurd than the Miami Haitian Ninja Terrorists.

The only point you have to look at to know that this is totally bogus is the wire transfer of $100K. Look, all drug dealers above street-level sales, and every intel operation in existence knows that there is mandatory reporting for US banks for anything above $10K, and the US has bludgeoned the rest of the world into tracking them. Hell, even Rush Limbaugh was smart enough to take out cash for his drugs at an amount below $10K.

Are they going to investigate the Saudi ambassador to see if there were reasons other than politics for him to be a target?

With the selective recording of conversations that the FBI seems to engage in, we will never know who came up with this plot, or what it is really all about beyond another piece of the government’s terrorism theater.

Update: Juan Cole highlights a Washington Post piece on Mansour Arbabsiar that justifies comparing him to Maxwell Smart. He is another ‘terrorist’ in the mold of the Miami Haitians, i.e. clueless. I’m expecting someone who resembles Peter Sellers to show up in a trench coat at any time.

October 12, 2011   Comments Off on More Bad Terrorism Theater

Don’t Know Nothing About History

A local Boston NPR station tells us: Mayor Menino Responds To Occupy Boston Arrests

“We will tolerate demonstrations, we will tolerate expressions of free speech but when it comes to civil disobedience we have a real issue with that, that is why we moved in last night,” Mayor Menino said.

“Civil disobedience doesn’t work for Boston; it doesn’t work for anyone.”

Apparently Mayor Menino slept through his local history classes as a child, and doesn’t walk around Boston much, because the city is hip deep in markers about “civil disobedience” that children in most US schools are required to learn about in American history classes.

To help the Mayor out, here are a few Wikipedia links to get him started: Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and Paul Revere.

If these events and people are important enough to be included in classes in Okaloosa County, Florida, you would think that the mayor of Boston would know about them.

October 12, 2011   3 Comments