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2011 October 15 — Why Now?
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Capitalism – It Might Work

There are a lot of people stumbling around making pronouncements about the US economic system, and talking about capitalism and the ‘free market’, but don’t seem to understand that the first requirement for either is the elimination of corporations. As long as the government is allowed to create corporations neither capitalism nor a truly free market is possible.

Corporations have limited liability, so they have an immunity to risk that other businesses don’t have. If you really want to try capitalism, and to have ‘free markets’, outlaw corporations and then we can talk about it.

Somewhat in response to many of the complaints about the Occupy Wall Street movement, Mike Konczal at New Deal 2.0 asks Who are the 1% and What Do They Do for a Living?

His opening paragraph is decent snark – “Look, a crazy anti-capitalist anarchist carrying a bizarre sign incompatible with the basic tenets of liberals:” followed by a wonderful picture of the ‘sign’ of one of those DFH who don’t know what they want. You have to see it to understand.

‘Noz provides a defense of John McCain and his claim that the Republican “jobs” plan will creat ‘billions’ of jobs. Basically – give McCain a break, he didn’t say the jobs would be created in the US.

October 15, 2011   7 Comments