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2011 October 17 — Why Now?
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Occupy This!

Via Corrente, a Naomi Klein tweet that the San Francisco police gathered up the equipment from the Occupy area and took it to the dump, however the Sanitation workers returned it noting that they are the 99% too.

After watching too many videos of what is going on in NYC, it looks like the ‘blue shirts’ are not getting with Tsar Michael’s program, and don’t do anything that isn’t specifically ordered by the ‘white shirts’. The ‘white shirts’ are playing the role of Казаки [Cossacks], in this attack on the peasants. I’m guessing that the ‘blue shirts’ are acting based on the advice of their union attorneys.

The Боярин [Boyars, 1%] must be feeling threatened in their кремль [kremlin, fortress] on Wall Street, to have requested the Tsar attack the peasants.

Why use Russian terms, because anyone named Bloomberg should be ashamed of ordering a pogrom. The tactic wasn’t limited to Jewish settlements, but it would be a rare Jew who didn’t know what it meant. It is a reference to the ‘thunder’ of the horses hooves before the attack.

October 17, 2011   2 Comments