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The Plutocrats Still Flailing

McClatchy reports [unlike most of the M$M] Occupy Oakland: Officials shift into damage control

Civil rights attorney Jim Chanin, who has fought the department on many reform issues, said the department on Tuesday had violated its own crowd-control rules, which call for medical services to be available when tear gas and other control measures are used.

Under court order, the department signed a policy requiring the safety precaution, stemming from a 2003 protest in which officers fired “less-than-lethal” munitions on a crowd at the Port of Oakland protesting the war in Iraq.

These jerks are already under a consent decree, and they pull this crap. Everyone above the rank of patrol officer should be replaced before they corrupt any more officers who actually want to do the job.

Given the murder rate in Oakland, what in hell is the police department doing worrying about a camp out?

The BBC reports Occupy Wall Street: Arrests in Nashville and San Diego

Protesters in two US cities have been detained after police moved into their camps during the night.

In Nashville, a new law was enacted preventing camping overnight near the Tennessee state Capitol.

In San Diego, police arrested 51 people at 02:30 (9:30 GMT), removing tents, canopies, tables and other furniture.

On the US East Coast, many of those taking part in Occupy protests are preparing for an unseasonally cold storm due to hit this weekend.

They had to pass a new law to make what the Occupy movement was doing illegal, so they could suppress their rights. That was a feature of the Soviet system also. San Diego has always attacked any idea to the left of Genghis Khan.

Tsar Michael is at it again: Protesters lose generators amid Occupy crackdowns nationwide. The Tsar has decided that generators are a ‘fire hazard’ that can’t be permitted in an open air plaza. What about all of the construction sites?

In the UK London in legal action to oust Occupy protest. This is to best of my knowledge the City of London, which is a separate entity within metropolitan London. It is the financial district, and is self-governing.

Jams O’Donnell chimes in on this decision which is dividing the clergy. A senior cleric, Fraser Dyer, a chaplain at St. Paul’s Cathedral, has resigned over this decision.

The 1% are looking for a way to shut the protest down, are willing to write new laws and find new violations to do it. Given their history of lying, cheating, and stealing, it should surprise no one. The scum floats to the top of the sewage retention pond.


1 jams o donnell { 10.28.11 at 9:16 pm }

The City of London (The “Square Mile”_ is a separate entity from the Greater London Authority, which has Administraive responsibility for the 32 Boroughs that make up Greater London. This includes the London Borough of Havering where I live.

The Brough councils and the GLA have directly elected councilors. There is a police force, the Met, which has policing responsibility for the whole of Greater London, EXCEPT the City of London.

The City on the other hand has a council which is elected only partly by the relatively small number of residents. It is the only place in the UK where businesses effectively get to vote/ The City has its own small police force.

The Government of the City of London is effectively controlled by businesses and not by the people. It is absolutely unsurprising that the council would side with business. After all they would not bite the hand that controls!

2 Bryan { 10.28.11 at 9:50 pm }

I knew that the financial district of London was referred as ‘the City’, and saw signs while walking that indicated a border of some sort when a visited London that it was more than just a nickname like ‘Wall Street’ or ‘Fleet Street’.

The New York city council is ‘democratically’ elected, but that hasn’t made much difference.

I couldn’t believe that vicar’s screed at your place. A church as a place of commerce is just so beyond the pale. I have to wonder what kind of ‘Bible’ he’s been reading, or what ‘chemical assistance’ he’s using.

The rights of the public are being severely limited all over. I remember reading about a man in Britain who had a good portion of his life walking the public paths to ensure they didn’t default to private ownership.

I fear this will get even more violent before this is over.