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More Resigned Clergy — Why Now?
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More Resigned Clergy

Now a supporter of the removal of the protestors: St Paul’s Dean Graeme Knowles resigns over protests

The dean of St Paul’s Cathedral in London has resigned, saying his position had become untenable.

The Very Rev Graeme Knowles said the past fortnight had been a testing time.

It follows weeks of protests outside the cathedral by anti-capitalist protesters, which led to the building being closed for several days.

The news comes as the City of London authorities ordered protesters outside St Paul’s to remove their tents and equipment within 48 hours.

Dean Knowles said he was stepping down “with great sadness”.

I assume that ‘Highway’ has a somewhat different meaning in Britain, probably going back to the original when it was any passage raised above the muck that was a feature of the life of the Middle Ages.

It is a bit of stretch to call the multi-nationals and 1% ‘capitalists’, plutocrats is closer to reality.