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2016 August 06 — Why Now?
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Strange Times

At the Blackhats security conference in Vegas they are having a a “Hackers for Hillary” fundraiser. Some people are apparently annoyed that Drumpf seems to believe that you have be from the former Soviet Bloc to be a decent hacker.

Given all of the problems that the Dems have had with their e-mail systems, they should have used Hillary’s which was one of the few that wasn’t hacked. For all of the people who think that 30,000 is a lot of e-mails to delete – send me your e-mail address and I’ll send you my Spam folder which is nothing compared to what she must receive. The Shrubbery’s crew used RNC e-mail servers and deleted everything.

Earl died in the interior of Mexico. I’m watching a trough in the Gulf sitting the Big Bend/Armpit of Florida. It has provided me with thunderstorms every day for a week. Another area of interest is north of the Dominican Republic. There is a chance of the two systems meeting off the Atlantic Coast to provide some interesting weather next week.

In response to several Zika cases in Miami-Dade they have been saturation spraying malathion and have been approved for ‘Frankenbugs’, genetically modified mosquitoes to do battle with the Zika mosquitoes [ and after drinking the malathion in the outflow of a nuclear plant that was tainted by the algae blooms they bite all of the Cubans who then vote for Jill Stein…

August 6, 2016   19 Comments