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2016 August 12 — Why Now?
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Trump Doesn’t Know He Shouldn’t Be Saying Those Things

Trump doesn’t understand that most of what he hears his supporters saying is not safe for the general audience. He hears these things and he repeats them as if they were common knowledge. He doesn’t know that the people cheering him on don’t believe the actual history of the United States – they believe the revisionist history of David Barton … the version where the slaves were well-fed and had good housing as they built the White House.

Among the Trumpets, Republicans are never the President when terrible things happen, like the attack on 9/11 or the global financial meltdown. The problem is that the media ignore the fact that Obama has been blamed for the formation of ISIS because he had to implement the troop draw down in the Status of Forces Agreement negotiated and signed by the Shrubbery. These sorts of things have been out there for months/years, and the media never bothered to address them until Drumpf says them, and he has a staff that assures him the statement is true.

The Republican base that supports Drumpf is from the Omega Zone, and until they can be convinced to return to this reality, it is wishful thinking to think you can negotiate with them.

August 12, 2016   7 Comments