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2016 August 15 — Why Now?
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Out In The Omega Zone

Trump to propose political tests for immigrants. Among the tests will be an immigrant’s attitude toward the LGBT community, because radical Muslims hate it … as do an awful lot of Republicans including Mike Pence. Trump wants to ensure that all immigrants are liberals?

The Australian version of the ‘Trumpets’ are just as crazy. –Anti-Islam group ‘Party for Freedom’ disrupts Sunday service in ‘racist stunt’ at Gosford’s Anglican church. Yes, the article tells us that a group of anti-Muslims dress up to look like their concept of Muslims and disrupt an Anglican church service. Apparently the whackoes were upset because the vicar was espousing the doctrine of Jesus and even saying nice things about immigrants on the church sign. Down here you would be fortunate if you would only be arrested for disrupting a religious service. If the wrong police force showed up your chances of being alive if dressed liked cartoon Arabs are not large, turkeys and Thanksgiving comes to mind..

August 15, 2016   7 Comments