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2016 August 08 — Why Now?
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From The World Of The Weird

Drumpf came out with his “economic policy” based on the “Laughter Curve” that says the closer the tax rates approach zero the closer the government revenue approaches infinity. It hasn’t worked any of the times it has been tried since Reagan, so it must be tried again… 😈

Fair is fair. I ragged on Georgia cops who couldn’t tell the difference between okra and marijuana, so I have to note that Orlando cops can’t tell the difference between crystal meth and doughnut glaze.

Via Mustang Bobby a Mother Jones article highlighting the absurdity of trying to combat the Zika virus at the same time you are rejecting the expansion of Medicaid and trying to close down women’s health centers. Rick Scott, Florida’s Fraudster in Chief, says that he has $26 million in state funds to fight the disease, but no one can see any evidence that it is being spent.

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