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2020 February 18 — Why Now?
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So, this week I was planning all out war on some German cockroaches that just couldn’t take a hint. I had a gas attack (foggers), land mines (diatomaceous earth around the perimeter of the building), and then booby traps (roach motels) all over the terrain. Alas, the war had to be postponed to switch out an antique electric water heater.

The big box stores only carry the fastest selling version of anything in stock, so there was no way they had a 30 gallon ‘lowboy’ electric heater. I had to get a 40 gallon which presented some interesting gyrations getting the new one into the bathroom. That 33% increase in size barely made it through the door and we had to lay it down to get beyond the sink. (Truman was the President when these apartments were built. We are talking 400 square feet. Sinks hung on the wall, not vanities.)

The roaches got a temporary respite, but the fight continues.

February 18, 2020   4 Comments