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2020 February 24 — Why Now?
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Russia backs Trump because he causes chaos and Putin can control him to a certain extent. That’s essentially what Putin said in the Helsinki conference.

The Soviet/Russian doctrine was to cause chaos in order to disrupt any united effort to contain their actions. They would support groups that hated them and their politics if the GRU/KGB felt the groups would never get powerful enough to gain any real power, but would be capable of causing dissension in ruling circles.

Some of the “Bernie Bros” on social media will be using their second language, English, to be really obnoxious. Not all of them, as Bernie has some real jerks among his fans, but there will be a marked increase in that number who cannot vote in US elections. That creates chaos and will suppress the vote if Bernie is the candidate.

Trump believes that Bernie is the Democrat that will be the easiest for him to beat, so the Russians will push for Bernie in the primaries.

February 24, 2020   51 Comments

RIP Katherine Johnson 1918-2020

Katherine Johnson, NASA Mathematician And An Inspiration For Hidden Figures, Dies

Katherine Johnson, a mathematician who was one of NASA’s human “computers” and an unsung hero of the space agency’s early days, died Monday. She calculated the flight path for America’s first crewed space mission and moon landing, and she was among the women profiled in the book and movie Hidden Figures. She was 101.

Back in the days when computers filled up rooms, Katherine Johnson calculated the flight paths by hand. Even with computers calculating flight paths is not a trivial exercise. She calculated Alan Shepard’s first manned flight in the US program, and at John Glenn’s insistence verified the solution reached by the computers that were coming into use for his first orbital flight. She also worked on the flight path of Apollo 11’s moon landing. From Mercury to the Space Shuttle, Katherine Johnson’s calculations were there. She was a vital part of the NASA manned flight program.

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