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2020 February 22 — Why Now?
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NPR is covering the Nevada Caucuses. You need 1991 delegates to secure the nomination on the first ballot. So far 64 delegates were on offer in Iowa and New Hampshire. There are 36 delegates up for grabs in Nevada.

Bloomberg really knows how to troll Trump. He rented billboards on the Vega Strip saying “Donald Trump lost the popular vote”, “Donald Trump declared bankruptcy 6 times”, “Donald Trump cheats at golf”, “Donald Trump went broke running a casino”, “Donald Trump’s wall fell over” … 😈

Via the Register UK: FCC forced by court to ask the public (again) if they think tearing up net neutrality was a really good idea or not. The only Democrat on the FCC has posted a document on the issue: Rosenworcel on FCC seeking Public Comment on Net Neutrality Remand. You have until the end of March to tell the FCC how badly they screwed up.

February 22, 2020   2 Comments