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2021 August 03 — Why Now?
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In Other Words

Florida is so screwed with DeMentis in charge:

Over at Comrade Misfit’s place she has maps of Florida’s situation. DeMentis isn’t going to do anything and has issued executive orders to prevent school boards and other local officials from acting to protect people while they try to get them vaccinated. He has even blocked businesses from requiring proof of vaccination. He must want people to die.

The hospitals and doctors are calling him out over his total lack of concern, but he ignores them.

The situations reminds me of the the drowning man joke. Instead of a rowboat, motorboat, and helicopter we were sent three vaccines, but the “faithful” won’t use them.

The Trumpkins are missing the reality that they are killing their own voters.

Update: Over at Elroon’s place the Titanic cartoon nails my neighbors.

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