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2021 August 25 — Why Now?
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How Is This A Planning Problem?

Two dozen San Diego students and their families are stuck in Afghanistan:

(CNN) Two dozen San Diego students and their families who traveled to Afghanistan this summer are now stranded in the country and unable to get to Kabul’s airport, school and congressional spokespeople told CNN.

The six families stuck in Afghanistan were there to visit relatives, said Howard Shen, spokesperson for the Cajon Valley Union School District.

“There is not a whole lot we can do at this point,” Shen said. “At least we have contact with them.”

Congresscritter Darrell Issa got involved and keeps saying that it is the Biden administration’s fault that people, who should have known better having family in Afghanistan, decided against State Department warnings to take a summer vacation in that country and didn’t notify the American Embassy that they were in country, nor provide contact information. If they had made the embassy aware of their presence, they could have been contacted and exited the country in July. They have waited until the last minute to do anything.

While we are on the subject of stupidity, the two Congresscritters who decided to go to Kabul and annoy people who are working 24/7 to finish a mission, took up at least two seats on an exiting aircraft that belonged to people who were desperate to get out of Afghanistan. They are real schmucks! They should be referred to the ethics committee and sued by people who needed to escape but couldn’t.

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