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2021 August 05 — Why Now?
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It’s The Border?

In response to concern over the worsening Covid situation in Florida and his blocking others from taking reasonable public health measures, ungovernor DeMentis says the real problem is people seeking amnesty crossing the southern border.

News Flash for DeMentis: Florida has borders with Alabama, Georgia, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean. Florida has no border crossings anywhere in the state. The nearest foreign country is 90 miles across the Florida Strait and if you try to block Cubans from coming to Florida you won’t win a Republican primary or general election.

Deflection won’t work when a significant number of the new cases are children. Nikki Fried and Charley Crist are no doubt printing “child murderer” signs for their campaigns. He’s going to be compared to Nero. Grandparents don’t like people who endanger their grandchildren.

Ron, if you don’t want to do your job and protect the people of Florida, just quit. You can’t hide the mess you’ve made of the pandemic response.

August 5, 2021   Comments Off on It’s The Border?