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2021 August 24 — Why Now?
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Are You Kidding

Semaphore WTF

The media is letting their love of wars get away with their reporting. The attacks on the Biden administration’s exit from Afghanistan is unwarranted and ill-informed.

Ex-Official: Trump Knew Afghan Army Would Surrender, Made Deal Anyway:

Former National Security Director John Ratcliffe on Thursday revealed that former President Donald Trump knew that the Afghan military would fall to the Taliban within 48 hours but negotiated a deal to pull U.S. troops out of the country anyway.

Ratcliffe made the remarks during an appearance on Fox News.

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Aug 17
I agree w this by @EricBoehlert:

The date when US “lost” in Afgh was Dec 2001, when GWB and Cheney shifted resources, attention, troops, international focus toward prep for invading Iraq.

Over 8,000 students in Florida school district isolated or quarantined a week into school year:

Just a week into the school year, some 8,400 students in and 307 employees of the Hillsborough County Public Schools district in Florida have been isolated or quarantined as districts across the state grapple with COVID-19.

Hillsborough is the seventh-largest school district in the U.S., with more than 213,000 students.

In total, there were 1,695 COVID-19 cases among students and staff, according to the Tampa-area district’s COVID-19 dashboard.

So far in the exit from the Kabul airport there has been one Afghan security officer shot and 7 civilians crushed in the attempts to enter the military side of the airport. That is a much better situation than the 5+ law enforcement officers killed this week from Covid in South Florida and the number of people who have been crushed at many rock concerts or soccer games.

The reality is that Covid is killing 200 people every day in Florida and there is almost no mention of not just the incompetence of ungovernor DeMentis, but his actions to prevent the sane local officials from taking common sense measures. Instead of 24 hour coverage of the Kabul airport how about giving the ongoing disaster in Florida some coverage.

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