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Gulf Gusher 2

Gulf Gusher symbolJust another reminder why it is a very bad idea to have oil wells and pipelines off the coast in hurricane prone areas. The petroleum industry is a major cause of climate change and the offshore wells make matters even worse. Rush to contain large oil spill in Gulf of Mexico after Storm Ida:

The source of the miles-long oil spill was believed to be in the Bay Marchand area of the Gulf of Mexico, the US Coast Guard said.

Spokesman Lt. John Edwards said it was thought to be crude oil from an undersea pipeline owned by Talos Energy.

Houston-based Talos Energy said it did not believe it was responsible for the oil in the water, according to the Associated Press.

It’s not Talos Energy’s fault but they rushed to hire a clean-up crew out of the goodness of their hearts. It may not be their pipeline, but they don’t want penalties on top of clean-up costs.