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To all of the various and sundry groups sending me appeals to give them money, or sign a petition, or take a survey, or other annoying requests:

The elections are more than a year away and people aren’t really going to care for another 10 months.

I don’t know where the supposed ads are because I haven’t seen any with the names of those requesting money.

I don’t sign petitions for anything other than Florida ballot items.

I don’t fill out surveys because I don’t see the point. Politicians need to tell people what they will work for.

The Postal Service won’t give the town I live in a separate zip code, so the mail comes through the Fort Walton Beach Post Office. I don’t live in or vote in Fort Walton Beach.

I am “represented” by Matt Gaetz, Marco Rubio, and Rick Scott in the Federal Government. Contacting them about anything would be a waste of my time. None of them have done anything for Florida or me.

October 7, 2021   2 Comments