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The Way Science Works

Scientists in Ottawa were attempting to calculate the number of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart) cases that could be anticipated after a Covid vaccination. They determined that it was 1 in a thousand and wrote a paper that was released in pre-print (i.e. before it was peer reviewed). This pre-print was noticed by anti-vaxxers and used to attack the vaccines.

While readying the paper for peer review the scientists discovered an error in their data – Study saying COVID-19 vaccines cause heart inflammation that was hyped by anti-vaxxers, withdrawn due to miscalculation:

However, the study has been retracted due to a miscalculation, Reuters reported.

The rate of myocarditis – the inflammation of the heart muscle – was calculated by dividing the number of COVID-19 vaccines in Ottawa by the number of incidences of the heart condition.

By their calculations, the risk of myocarditis was 1 in 1,000 or 0.1%.

However, the numbers used by the study were wrong. The authors largely underestimated the amount of vaccines delivered, giving a number 25 times smaller than the actual amount.

They initially said that the number of vaccines delivered was 32,379 – when it was actually 854,930.

You make your study and get ready to publish the results. If your results are shown to be erroneous, you admit it and correct the error. After more than 100 years we are still testing Einstein’s works – it’s what scientists do…

October 16, 2021   7 Comments