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It’s A Holiday

It’s the second Monday in October, so it is Thanksgiving Day / Jour de l’Action de grâce in Canada. Have a happy one.

The US Federal government has decided to call it Columbus Day [and/or Indigenous Peoples’ Day (if the Indigenous People had had better control of their borders, they wouldn’t have been replaced by white whackos)] , even when it isn’t on the 12th of October which was the second Wednesday in 1492. But it’s okay that the holiday can be on the wrong day, because Christopher Columbus [AKA: Cristoforo Colombo, Cristóbal Colón] didn’t find what he was looking for and identified what he did find incorrectly. The important thing is that a large area of the map got changed from “here be dragons and sea serpents,” to “here be gold and cannibals” and no mention was made of the oppressive heat, mosquitoes, or hurricanes.

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