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Vulgar And Proud

If you believe in elitism and aristocracy, you view the vulgar as bad, because you have taken the word and used it to express your disgust for the majority of people.

If you look at a dictionary you will note the earlier meanings of vulgar:

Spoken by or expressed in language spoken by the common people; vernacular;

Of or associated with the great masses of people; common.

Interesting that these people object to the common people in a representative democracy. They seem to believe that the majority of people need to lead by a small elite, rather than making their own decisions.

Ellroon’s post, The vulgarity of common bloggers, deals with the horror of the elite over the presumption of bloggers who believe they should have a voice in their country.

I realize it isn’t very comfortable for the elite when the vulgar bloggers delve into the Anglo-Saxon vocabulary to express their displeasure at the fact that the elite have benefited from the policies of the Shrubbery: the commoners are watching their own die and become disabled in a war the elite started.

I have no forgiveness for the politicians or the media who went along with the war in Iraq. As the elite, they are the ones with the access to knowledge that the government was lying. It was there if you were paying attention. You cretins didn’t simply embrace the excrement pouring out from the White House, you spread it over the truth. The mainstream media is certainly not vulgar, it is obscene.