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2006 January 01 — Why Now?
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Sources and Methods

As NTodd points out, the original story was about an over-reaching government wiretapping program, but the Shrubbery keeps revealing the mechanics of the system, essentially telling people about our capabilities.

He should have started a leak investigation when the Times contacted him before the election, and not made any comments on the story. He is endangering national security by talking about this because he doesn’t understand the system well enough to know what not to say.

Negroponte or his ex-DIRNSA deputy should warn the White House off making further comments.

January 1, 2006   Comments Off on Sources and Methods

Freaky Florida

Most people have never noticed Miami Herald columnist, Carl Hiaasen, when he writes books about South Florida; Dave Barry is in semi-retirement with his tales of life down on the Peninsula; Miami Vice is gone; Elian went home; so Florida should be getting a break.

Then we get the 2000 election, the Schiavo affair, the legalized gunslinging, the hurricanes…it keep getting worse.

Via the Apostropher that there are three different books due out on weird Florida.

I guess we know why the Bush family was forced to leave New England.

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