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2006 January 20 — Why Now?
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Beating On The Drum

Kevin should stick with politics and cat blogging because a look through my blog roll finds little support for his view of the Pakistan attack.

Tristero at Hullabaloo is really annoyed with the framing, seeing it as a type of “have you stopped beating your wife” proposition.

Shakespeare’s Sister chose it as her Question of the Day, but doesn’t like knowingly killing innocent people.

PZ Myers of Pharyngula shares that view, and thinks it is important to respond to the question, no matter what Tristero may think.

Bob Geiger also opposes this use of force, and questions why we didn’t send in a team to pick-up these people.

One of the things I failed to mention, but is germane to this incident was that this attack came during the Eid ul-Adha celebration which guaranteed there would be innocent people at the feast. There is a religious obligation to ensure that everyone takes part in the feast celebrating the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice Isaac and G-d providing the substitute ram.

Wonderful way to win “hearts and minds” in the Islamic world.

Update: I read Archy too early today, as John McKay doesn’t approve of the question or the conclusion.

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They Aren’t Crazy

A British study has debunked the cellular phone cancer link.

The annoying behavior you see from some people using cell phones is not the result of a brain tumor caused by the radiation – they’re just rude.

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The Midas Touch?

The Shrubbery wanders out to talk about the great shape the economy is in and the DOW tries to find out “how deep is the ocean” and the price of a barrel of oil wonders “how high is the sky”.

Remember when the government talks about the “core inflation rate” that excludes the “volatile” energy sector, because how much effect could the cost of transporting everything and your utility bill have on the economy.

Remember how the DOW crawled back up to 11,000 after only 4½ years of the Shrubbery, it didn’t last.

He has that “magic touch”.

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame honoree, “Wicked” Wilson Pickett has died from a heart attack at 64. Midnight Hour and Mustang Sally were not only great songs, they were songs that even garage bands could play. Straight ahead Memphis blues based music that required more heart than craft.

Keith at The Invisible Library has had to go on hiatus. A new job in a new city isn’t condusive to blogging.

Riggsveda, who was read at It’s My Country, Too, The American Street, and Corrente, is taking a hiatus.

The American Street is undergoing server problems. They know that they are going to be forced to move, so don’t give up on them.

Karen who has been hanging out with Len and Brock at Dark Bilious Vapors, has opened her own place at Peripetia.

Mickey of 3 Old Men has moved his political commentary to 1 Boring Old Man.

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Friday Cat Blogging

[Kevin Drum]


Friday Cat Blogging

What are you up to?

[Editor: Festus has a limp and her tale hangs at an angle as the result of an accident when she was a yearling. She is a pretty cat, but really skittish. She often “babysits” for the other cats.]

Friday Ark

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