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2006 January 23 — Why Now?
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He Just Lies

The Shrubbery goes to Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas and just flat out lies about his illegal wiretapping. From the CNN article:

“I’m mindful of your civil liberties, and so I had all kinds of lawyers review the process. We briefed members of the United States Congress … about this program.”

The only lawyer that was asked about this was the then White House counsel, Alberto Gonzales. Only 8 of 535 members of Congress were told about the program and they were sworn to secrecy. Only the senior judge on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court was told of the program and she was sworn to secrecy.

There was no discussion. These people were presented with a fait accompli and were put under penalty of law not to discuss it. Their restrictions were taken to heart by those that were briefed, as Jay Rockefeller’s hand-written letter makes evident.

They came up with this stupid idea, implemented it, had Gonzales create “legal” cover, told 9 people outside the executive branch, and went on their merry way to trash the rights of the citizens of the United States.

They have been doing this for four years and Osama still hasn’t had his “show” cancelled. It certainly didn’t help Madrid, London, or Amman.

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Protecting the Constitution

Steve Bates advocates that the Senate do whatever it takes to stop Samuel Alito from becoming a Supreme Court justice.

If you are still sitting on the fence, perhaps Mark Fiore’s latest opus will convince you of what we are facing.

The only security these people care about is job security for themselves and their cronies. The Republicans are going to need sympathetic judges as their members are caught with their hands in the US Treasury.

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