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2006 January 04 — Why Now?
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Pig Headed

In another monument to their inability to understand reality, the Animal Liberation Front has cut fences allowing about 100 wild boar to run away from home.

There hasn’t been a native wild boar in Britain for several centuries, and local farmers would be as accepting of their reintroduction as most Western ranchers are of the reintroduction of wolves, except that boars are a good deal more destructive than wolves.

Boars are omnivores, like humans, so they’ll certainly not turn away from a lunch named Fluffy as well as every plant in a garden or farm. If cornered they are quite capable of killing a man.

The farmer who was raising them has rounded up about 40, so there are now 60 wandering around to be shot, hit by cars, or eat pets and small children.

This is the same group that engineered the mink release in August of 1998, resulting in the loss of massive numbers of small animal life by the minks that weren’t turned into “pavement paste”.

The problem with releasing farm-bred animals is that they don’t know the survival rules and they generally don’t have any natural limits on their reproduction, so most will starve. The action also displaces the local animal life by introducing an alien species. The people who introduced rabbits to Australia and kudzu to the South thought they were solving problems too.

Of course this is not a problem in the US because along with Vegans and Quakers our security forces are tracking these people. Apparently we have won the War on Terror, or these forces would be tracking people trying to attack the country.

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