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2006 January 21 — Why Now?
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Google Says No

By now everyone knows that Google is refusing to cooperate with the Justice Department’s attempt to revive their ability to censor the Internet.

First of all the FBI is already overtaxed chasing down take-out orders to Middle East delis given to them by NSA, so they don’t need this output to suck up even more time from the real threats to the country.

Someone needs to explain “Google bombs” to the Justice Department, and why you can’t go to court with any stats from searches. If they would hire a few database professionals they would find out why what they want to do won’t work.

The best they could do is hire a hundred temps, put them on computers that have filters installed, and log the sites that get through. Neither the filters, nor their law is going to totally shield a determined teenager from ‘Net porn, but with so many sites outside the US, the filters have a better shot at it, and the filters are getting better.

Pandering to the Religious Reich’s prudery does not make the country safer.

Update: MSNBC has a Newsweek article that provides more background on what Justice is doing. This was not well thought out on the part of the Justice Department.

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What’s The Point?

The enquiring mind called Quiddity wants to know: Where’s the SEX?

How can the American people have a decent wallow in the muck of a political scandal that is sexless? What were these guys taking all this money for if there were no eighteen-year-old blonds involved?

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Love, Sydney?

I think Duncan and the boys are being unfair.

I mean, just because Robert Kagan is a co-founder of the Project for the New American Century, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a Senior Associate with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, who has written on foreign relations for The New Republic, Policy Review, the Washington Post, and the Weekly Standard, who lives in Brussels, Belgium because his wife is the US Permanent Representative to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and he is paid extremely well for his “expertise”, he shouldn’t necessarily be expected to know that Canberra, not Sydney is the capital of Australia.

He could have been sick for that episode of Carmen Sandiego and his kids weren’t available to find it on the Internet. He should at least get partial credit for spelling Sydney correctly.

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On This Day in 1950 Eric Arthur Blair died in a hospital in London from tuberculosis.

Born on the 25th of June, 1903 in Motihari, India where his father was in the British civil service, he would be educated at Eton, and then fight in the Spanish Civil War. He probably contracted the disease that eventually killed while fighting in Spain.

He was a member of the BBC World Service, on the India desk. During the war he developed a deep dislike for the censorship caused by the war, and used that experience as the background for his last novel.

If you have listened to much of the output from the Bush administration you may have invoked Mr. Blair’s novel. Of course, you probably know him by his pen name: George Orwell.

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