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The Meme of Five — Why Now?
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The Meme of Five

Karen at Dark Bilious Vapors tagged me for a Five Weird Things meme.

Other than the fact that I stopped drinking alcohol about 15 years ago because it was no longer fun, I don’t know what people would consider weird.

Well, since I rarely meet with clients face-to-face, as the Internet generally makes it unnecessary, I don’t bother with haircuts much, not that I have a lot hair to cut. That was the result of my regular barber running off to get married about 5 years ago, and I haven’t found another barber I like well enough to spend $20 for as little work as is required.

Hmmm? I guess the fact that I tend to live near the coast when I have no interest in water sports of any kind is weird. I’ve tried scuba diving and surfing, and did a lot of things in the water as a child, but I lost interest.

There are people who think that managing the local feral cat colonies is strange, but they don’t understand the balance that was upset by the removal of all of the large snakes that once controlled the rats. You have to have population controls or things get out of hand.

Other than that I’m pretty much the same as every other military brat who has lived all over the world, speaks a few foreign languages, spent some time in military intelligence, and now works with computers.

Nothing to challenge Karen’s position as an Oral-B preferred customer.